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我申诉了一次, 成功饶过我了. 我在其系统上输入我的票和车子的信息, 

申诉内容主要是说一下原因, (比如赶一个紧急的会议), 并告诉对方你有诚意解决这种错误. 

我当时是有停车卡, 但忘了挂上去.  9月27号写的, 11.8号来邮件确认, 放过我了. 

下面是我的申诉内容, 供参考ONLY. 

Appeal Reason:
My son is taking swiming class at the Club Warrior and I am the parking permit (attached) holder. I usually kept the permit in the car, and only hang it before the swimming class. However, we were late for class on sep 27 and rushed in, so forgot to hang it on. I didn't mean to break the parking rule and feel really sorry about it.

I will hang the permit on my car permantly so I won't forget. Since it is my first time and I didn't do it purposely, I hope my appeal could be considered and this ticket be waived.
Thank you.




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如果买过学校的parking pass的话,那就更没跑了。学校只要能把你的车牌match上学生,那么就相当于这个学生欠学校的钱。欠钱是不会给毕业的。

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