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招聘国内上海企业5-8月Co-op实习 Marketing Intern岗位


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Job Summary:

            About PureLiving:
PureLiving is a leading indoor environmental engineering company with a simple mission: to help our clients create healthier places to work and live. Founded by a former US military chemical defense officer, the team is diverse with members from around the globe, and our company culture emphasizes learning and working together to provide the best solutions for our clients. Our vision is to be the leading indoor environmental quality provider for the world's best companies. Our total range of solutions includes pollutant testing, design and installation of cutting-edge filtration systems, odor, and chemical reduction, IoT monitoring, and deploying smart building systems. With offices across Asia and sales globally, our clients include over 35% of the Fortune 100 such as Google, LinkedIn, BMW, and Siemens. PureLiving is the industry's provider of choice for the assessment, engineering design, implementation, and monitoring of indoor environmental quality projects.

Working at PureLiving is an excellent opportunity for a student to gain practical experience in entrepreneurship and working within an international company. You will work as a full-fledged member of a tight-knit team comprised of several other interns, MBAs, chemists, environmental consultants, and PhDs from 7 countries. Each Intern will receive an initial goal-setting session, a mid-term performance review, and a final evaluation session to help his/her professional development.

About the role:
The Marketing Intern assists the Marketing team for our fast-growing, international environmental consulting services company. Responsibilities span social media, website content uploading, case study creation, and coordination between teams with outsource vendors.

Key Deliverables:

·       Social media posts

·       Website news/blogs

·       Case studies

·       Corporate gifts

Job Responsibilities:

·             Create WeChat post for both company account and HR's WeChat account

·       Upload website content

o   Fix/static content update

o   News, blogs, case studies upload

·       Create new case studies

o   Work with Sales and supporting departments to gather key points

o   Coordinate with the marketing team to create content and design

·       Act as administrator for customer notices

o   Customer satisfaction surveys

o   Customer reminders

·       Coordinate with copywriter and designer

o   Gather information and material needed

o   Coordinate with the marketing team and give feedback to the copywriter and designer

·       Corporate gifts/ holiday gifts

·       Select gift options for the marketing and sales team

o   Manage inventory

o   Marketing materials inventory

Required Skills:

·       Major in Advertising, Graphic Design, Visual, Marketing, English or related curriculum

·       Strong portfolio of multiple tasks

·       Basic MS Office skill

·       Chinese at a native level; good command of English writing

·       Passionate, strong willingness to learn

·       Strong time and project planning skills so no last-minute rush

Compensation and Benefits Information:

·             Monthly stipend of 2700rmb/month will be provided in the first 4 months, in the case of an 8-month work term, the stipend will be raised to 3000rmb/month from the 5th month on.

·       All business-related travel expenses are reimbursable (does not include daily commute)

·       Working hours: Full-time -- Typically 9:30 am-6:30 pm business hours, but may require occasional evenings or weekends based on business requirements. Will average 45 hrs/wk.

·       Student responsible for international airfare / relocation expenses



这个可以在学校申请作为 co-op credit,英语好,有PS、Pr软件使用经验以及能熟练使用AI优先~有兴趣请加微信 EmmmXSX211001并备注 PureLiving marketing intern 谢谢

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