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UW Arts master毕业,上过的必修课以及选修课较多,也自学过很多Arts学院的课。 

提供ARBUS101/102/202   FINE101/100/244/368/330  ANTH100/201/292/303/355/455   PSCI100/150/281/369/387/488  PACS101/201/202/203/323/329/331/333

PSYCH101/207/211/238/253/257/261/317/459  RS100/101/220/226/260/325/349  CLAS100/104/105/123  SMF 101/204/207/211/215/310  HIST224/239/282/369

SOC101R/222/263/270/418/451 SDS131R/150R/253R/350R/425R  SOCWK120R  GSJ101/201/207/262/307/347/430  ARTS130/140 COMMST101/149/223

MEDVL105/115/250R/304 这些科目的辅导

请联系 Yixingcong2021 

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