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Fulltime Operating Officer

Rick Tao

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Lenscan Medical Inc. specializes in medical equipment distribution and solutions for healthcare practices in the ophthalmic and dental fields. Based out of Waterloo, ON, we are looking for an operating officer to join our growing team on a full-time basis.

As our operating officer you will be responsible for maintaining and improving business operations. The position is located at our Waterloo head office.

Job Description:

·        Reporting to and following the leadership of the chief operating officer

·        Developing and implementing company policies

·        Planning and budgeting for projects

·        Innovating products and processes

·        Improving operational procedures to promote efficiency

·        Maintain and analyzing operational data

·        Monitoring and maintaining product inventories

·        Ensuring adherence to company procedures and policies

·        Assisting with employee training


·        Bachelor’s degree

·        1 - 2 years’ experience on ophthalmic and dental equipment

·        2 years’ experience of business operation management

·        1 -2 years’ experience of ERP system

·        Experience of ISO13485 QMS

·        Strong math skills

·        Excellent leadership with strong problem-solving skills

·        Excellent English skills in reading, speaking and writing

·        Proficient in Microsoft office and excel sheets

·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·        Flexible schedule – ability to work on some evenings and weekend as required

·        Ability to travel - international travel may be required


Salary Rate: $26.50/hour , Full time position, 30 - 35 hours/week

Please send resume to:  jobs@lenscan.ca

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