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汽车考牌 🚘Driving instructor 🚘


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Adam is a former Ontario police officer who retired after 30 years of service. He has been a driving instructor since 2011 and certified by the MTO to teach driving both in class and in car. He has helped numerous students including those with difficulties communicating in English to get their G2 and full G licenses.

His focus is for you to “Get a driver license AND be safe on the road”.

If you need help getting your driver license or acquiring advance driving skills, please contact Adam at 647-517-2283. He prefers text messages as he is unable to answer the phone while teaching.

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 Lately, I've heard a lot of bad cases happen to my fellow students who are learning to drive.  Those of you who are or about to learn to drive, please note the followings to protect yourself:
 1. Driving instructors in Ontario must have a driving instructor license issued by the MTO.  This is not a regular driver's license but a teaching license. 
 2. A driving instructor must have commercial insurance which states that it endorses the learner's insurance (commercial insurance for driver training school - OPCF 6D).  That is so that while you’re learning, if there is an accident and you’re injured,  insurance will cover the cost of the treatment.  If the instructor does not have an instructor driving license, he or she will not be able to purchase commercial insurance for teaching students.  This is very important for those of you who have not bought a car insurance because you do not have a driver's license or a car.  If your driving instructor does not have this insurance and you’re injured while learning to drive, you have no coverage.
 3. Vehicles used for teaching driving must have an auxiliary brake below the front right seat and the right side rearview mirror so that the instructor can observe and control.
 All three of the above are provided for in the law applicable to paid driving instructors (Ontario Regulation 340/84 2(1)).  If you pay to learn to drive, you have the right to request to see your instructor’s license to teach in Ontario and commercial insurance on the first lesson to protect yourself.  If you observe that the car does not have an auxiliary rearview mirror and an auxiliary brake, you should refuse to study to ensure your own safety.

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