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本人uwaterloo 物理和精算double major, Minor Math, master 在U of T读的Financial Mathmatics, CFA、FRM持证人,已经毕业了, 本科GPA 3.9 Honors List, 研究生GPA 3.95

提供CO/MATH/ACTSC/STAT/FRM/AMATH/PHYS 1xx-6xx的辅导 还有CS115和116 

vx: Yixingcong2021

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UW 本科Physics Minor Math,UT的Actuarial Science和Financial mathematics的master,UW Comp Math phd。

可以并擅长辅导Differential Equations,Calculus,Group Theory,Linear Algebra,Probability and Statistics,Real/Complex Analysis,Numerical Analysis,Optimization,Number Theory,Stochastic Processes ,Life Contingency,Loss Model,Non-life,Interest Theory, Derivatives, Fixed Income, M&A, Real-Estate Valuation, Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Credibility Theory, Actuarial Modeling, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Optics, etc. 


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